Angels are commonly understood as spiritual beings that act as intermediaries or agents of the divine, serving various roles and functions. While interpretations and beliefs about angels may differ across different religious and spiritual traditions, there are several common themes associated with them.

Messengers: Angels are often depicted as messengers of God, relaying important divine communications or carrying out specific tasks on behalf of the divine.

Guardians: Angels are believed to act as guardians, offering protection, guidance, and support to individuals or specific places.

Helpers and Comforters: Angels are seen as beings that provide assistance, comfort, and healing to those in need, offering solace and aid during challenging times.

Divine Servants: Angels are considered as servants of God, carrying out divine will and assisting in the fulfillment of divine plans.

Spiritual Guides: Some people believe that angels can serve as spiritual guides, helping individuals on their spiritual journeys, offering wisdom, and leading them towards spiritual growth and enlightenment.

It's important to note that beliefs and interpretations about angels may vary among different cultures, religions, and spiritual practices. Individuals may have personal experiences or beliefs that shape their understanding of angels and their roles in the spiritual realm.

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