Symbolized by the crab, holds the position as the 4th sign in Western Astrology's zodiac system. Occupying a celestial span of 90-120 degrees on the horizon, Cancer represents individuals born between June 21st and July 22nd. Guided by the nurturing influence of The Moon, Cancer is classified as a Cardinal and Water Sign.

As a Cardinal Sign, Cancer is associated with initiative, leadership, and the ability to initiate change. The Water element reflects Cancer's emotional nature, sensitivity, and intuitive tendencies. Individuals born under the sign of Cancer are often characterized by their deep emotional connections, empathetic nature, and strong protective instincts.

The ruling planet, The Moon, enhances Cancer's lunar qualities, influencing their moods, intuition, and connection to the subconscious realm. Cancer individuals are known for their nurturing qualities, as they naturally tend to care for and support those around them. They possess a strong sense of family and home, valuing emotional security and creating a safe sanctuary for themselves and their loved ones.

By understanding the influences of their sun sign, Cancer individuals can gain insights into their inherent strengths, emotional depth, and their natural inclination to provide care and support to those in their lives.

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