Psychic Abilities: Practice Exercises for Developing Clairsentience


Active Clairsentience Practice Clairsentience Exercises When practicing clairsentience, you can develop your ability to feel pressure or energy associated with the presence of spirits. The following exercises are designed to help you enhance your clairsentient senses: Aura Find a comfortable place where you can sit alone. Close your eyes and focus on feeling your own aura. Tune into the power of your soul and become aware of where your aura extends around your body.

Breathing Aura:

Sit comfortably and close your eyes. Begin by feeling your own aura surrounding you. As you breathe, imagine your aura expanding and contracting with each breath. Coordinate your breathing, expanding and contracting your aura accordingly. Once you have established this connection, return to normal breathing and experiment with expanding your aura as far as you can, even imagining it expanding to the size of a house. Then, bring it in close until it feels like a second skin. These exercises are crucial for future practice.

Sensing a Friend:

Sit near a friend or someone else. Start by sensing your own aura. Once you are connected with your own energy, expand your awareness to feel the aura of the person sitting next to you. Practice this exercise until you can sense their aura even when they move to different locations within the room.

Sensing a Spirit:

Find a comfortable spot to meditate. Begin by feeling your own aura. Then, request your spirit guide to appear beside you in the room. Focus on sensing the energy of the spirit beside you. Pay attention to how it feels—whether warm, cool, hot, or cold. Once you can sense the spirit's presence, ask them to move around the room while you try to locate them. You can also ask for multiple spirits or angels to join, allowing you to differentiate between their energies.

Passive Clairsentience Practice

Passive clairsentience involves being receptive to the energy and emotions around you. Here are a few exercises to enhance your passive clairsentient abilities:

Feeling the Song:

Listen to an emotional song that evokes goosebumps or strong emotions. As you listen, focus on your own aura and observe any sensations or reactions occurring within your body. Pay attention to what you feel and how your body responds during the song. Repeat this exercise during meditation to further explore your clairsentience.

What's My Sign?

In meditation, set the intention for your spirit guide to show you your clairsentience sign. Pay close attention to any subtle or overt sensations you experience, such as knots in your stomach or slight pains. Acknowledge and thank your guide for revealing your sign. With time, you may discover additional signs.

Yes and No:

Create a list of ten questions that you know to be true and another list of ten questions that you know to be false. During meditation, ask your guides to activate your clairsentience specifically for the true questions, while remaining inactive for the false ones. Observe the sensations in your body as you receive the activations, as they may vary in intensity.

Yes or No Again:

Write down ten questions about your past or guides that you seek answers to. During meditation, focus on the energy around you and ask your questions. Pay attention to the responses you receive through your clairsentience.

As you develop your clairsentient skills, you can apply them to help answer questions and provide insights for others as well.

Remember, clairsentience is unique for each individual, with experiences such as goosebumps or heightened third-eye sensations. Learning to trust and harness your clairsentient abilities is an ongoing journey.

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