Psychic Abilities: Practice Exercises for Developing Claircognizance


Claircognizant Exercises


Flip a coin and predict heads or tails. Say the first thing that comes into your mind while the coin is in the air.

Red or black:

Grab a deck of playing cards and randomly shuffle the cards. Pick one up and answer what the card is going to be. This gets trickier the more you get right. Your left brain wants to take over.

Stop that:

Grab a friend. Have the friend think of a word and write the word down. Try to sense the word. Say the first thing that comes to you.

This is getting annoying!

Finish your friend's sentences randomly. The object is to not actively think about what they are going to say. When they get to the end of a sentence, blurt out what comes to you.


Ask your guides to select an object you picked before in one of the previous drills. You don't need to see the object, just say what you first think. Use your clairsentience to verify if your answer was right.

Omg, I am a psychic!

Ask your guides for Claircognizant messages. If you get the message right, feel it with your clairsentience.

Making it all work together:

Sit down in a comfortable chair.

Now go about your morning routine just as you would any day. Only this time you travel in your mind's eye. You can walk down the street or go to the mall. Anything you want to do in your imagination. Feel your feet walking underneath you. Feel the breeze of the wind and the sun in your face. Have a conversation with someone and give them a hug. Once you are able to complete the exercise, try to visit someplace you have never been in your mind.

Remember to trust your intuitive knowledge and embrace the insights that come to you. Practice these exercises regularly to further develop your claircognizance abilities.

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Psychic Abilities: Practice Exercises for Developing Clairsentience

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Active Clairsentience Practice Clairsentience Exercises When practicing clairsentience, you can develop your ability to feel pressure or energy associated with the presence of spirits. The following exercises are designed to help you enhance your clairsentient senses: Aura Find a comfortable place where you can sit alone. Close your eyes and focus on feeling your own aura. Tune into the power of your soul and become aware of where your aura extends around your body.

Psychic Abilities: Practice Exercises for Developing Claircognizance

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Claircognizant Exercises

Psychic Abilities: Practice Exercises for Developing Clairvoyance

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Clairvoyance Practice Object : Choose any object and carefully study it. Close your eyes and visualize the object in your mind's eye. Rotate the object in your imagination, viewing it from different sides. You may select up to three objects to practice with.

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