Psychic Abilities: Practice Exercises for Developing Intuition


Welcome! The goal of this training is to teach you about your psychic gifts or enhance them. Everyone has psychic abilities that can be developed through practice. Psychic skills form the foundation of all metaphysical disciplines, and embarking on this spiritual journey will be an ongoing process of growth and refinement. I will assist you in understanding how your abilities work so that you can nurture and expand them.

This exercise aims to make it easier and clearer for you to utilize your psychic abilities. Remember, everyone learns at their own pace, so do not be discouraged. Trust in your abilities and the information you receive.

Blending with Spirit:

Close your eyes and connect with your own soul. Before you begin meditation, set the intention for your spirit guides to come and merge energies with you. Initially, this may feel intense, especially if you are highly clairsentient. You are inviting source energy to enter your soul and establish a connection. If the energy feels overwhelming, ask Spirit to decrease the intensity. It is recommended to practice this once a day to establish rapport and build trust between you and your guides.


In the spirit world, intention is crucial. It signifies what you desire to happen when you connect with spirit. Think of intention as your spiritual instructions or commands.

The Four Clairs:

We will focus on four main clairs:

Clairaudience: The ability to hear spirit, either through your physical ears or in your mind.

Clairvoyance: The ability to see images from spirit, either with your physical eyes or in your mind.

Clairsentience: The ability to sense the presence of a spirit or to have spirit interact with your physical body.

Claircognizance: The ability to know things without prior knowledge.

Trust the information you receive and avoid interpreting it. Simply relay what you perceive.


Clairaudience can manifest in various ways. You may hear a song playing in your head or voices speaking to you. For most people, these thoughts feel separate from their own. Occasionally, individuals may physically hear the voices. It can be likened to having a conversation with yourself in your mind, sometimes with different voices and speech patterns.


Clairvoyance often presents images or symbols. While some people experience clear, photograph-like images, this is not the case for everyone. Some perceive it as a movie playing in their mind. To enhance this ability, close your eyes, imagine using your third eye, and allow the pictures to appear in your mind. The images may vary in clarity and duration. It is akin to viewing a painting through a fog.


Clairsentience involves your body's response to spirit. You may experience goosebumps, a sense of being watched, or physical sensations like a hand on your shoulder or someone caressing your cheek. Clairsentience enables you to perceive the energy of spirits and other individuals. While some may describe it as a gut feeling, it extends far beyond that. In this class, we differentiate clairsentience into active and passive categories. Active clairsentience involves using your ability to gather information about your environment, yourself, or clients. Passive clairsentience occurs spontaneously, serving as a reminder or attention signal. Emotional triggers can also activate this ability, such as experiencing goosebumps when hearing a particular song.

Claircognizance is the phenomenon where you possess knowledge about something without understanding how you acquired that information. It involves tapping into source energy and receiving insights directly into your consciousness. Have you ever experienced moments of finishing someone else's sentences or having a strong intuitive sense about future events? It's as if you somehow knew what would happen before it actually did.

Below are a series of clairaudience practice exercises. It is recommended to practice them in sequential order, starting from one and gradually progressing to five. These exercises are designed to be completed within approximately 30 minutes, but feel free to extend the duration if you find them enjoyable

Clairaudience practice


During meditation, visualize yourself at your local coffee shop. Recall a recent conversation you had with the person taking your order. Focus on their voice and remember the specific words they spoke. In your imagination, replay the conversation and hear it clearly in your mind. Engage in the same dialogue as before, with all the words being heard and spoken within your imagination. Note that this scenario can be any brief interaction you had during the day, not necessarily limited to coffee shop encounters.

The Game:

Imagine yourself in a park, where you overhear two children preparing to play a game. Before they begin, they engage in a conversation to establish the rules and name the game. Immerse yourself in this imagined scenario, as if you were sitting right there with them. What rules do they create? What name do they give to the game? Observe their enjoyment and assess if they genuinely like the game. Continue the meditation by visualizing the two children playing the game until its completion. When you are finished, express gratitude to the children and conclude the meditation.

My Song:

Choose your favorite band and initiate your meditation. Envision a personal concert where the band performs exclusively for you. Pay attention to the sounds of each instrument and immerse yourself in the music. Explore the emotions and sensations evoked by their performance. Remember, everything occurs within your imagination during this exercise.


In this exercise, set the intention to connect with your favorite historical figure. It matters not if they have a specific accent since communication in the spirit world transcends language barriers through telepathy. Begin by asking this person questions and allow time for their response. Pay attention to the source of these responses, as they may feel distinct from your own thoughts. You might discover that they share information with you that you couldn't have known otherwise.

Did I do that:

Enter a meditative state and establish the intention to receive messages from the spirit world regarding your life. You are encouraged to ask questions during this exercise. Any insights or information that comes to you should be accepted without skepticism or doubt. Allow your intuition to guide you as you engage in this practice.

Finally, the spirit world:

Set the intention to communicate with your spirit guide during meditation. While in this state, be open and receptive to everything you hear. Recognize that the words that come to you are not your own thoughts but rather messages originating from your spirit guide.

Feel free to practice each exercise daily, progressing from one to the next. Enjoy the process, and remember to allocate approximately 30 minutes for each practice session unless you find yourself truly engrossed in the experience.

Please follow the links to the next set of exercises when you are ready to continue.

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Psychic Abilities: Practice Exercises for Developing Clairvoyance

5 min

Clairvoyance Practice Object : Choose any object and carefully study it. Close your eyes and visualize the object in your mind's eye. Rotate the object in your imagination, viewing it from different sides. You may select up to three objects to practice with.

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