The innate and instinctive ability to perceive, understand, or know something without relying on conscious or rational reasoning. It is often described as a deep inner knowing or a gut feeling that transcends logical analysis. Intuition is believed to tap into a higher level of awareness or psychic ability, accessing information beyond the scope of the five senses. It serves as a valuable guide in decision-making, problem-solving, and navigating life's complexities. Intuition can provide insights, wisdom, and guidance that go beyond what can be explained by logical thinking alone. It is a powerful tool for accessing hidden truths, recognizing patterns, and making intuitive leaps that lead to personal growth and self-discovery.

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Psychic Abilities: Practice Exercises for Developing Clairsentience

10 Min

Active Clairsentience Practice Clairsentience Exercises When practicing clairsentience, you can develop your ability to feel pressure or energy associated with the presence of spirits. The following exercises are designed to help you enhance your clairsentient senses: Aura Find a comfortable place where you can sit alone. Close your eyes and focus on feeling your own aura. Tune into the power of your soul and become aware of where your aura extends around your body.

Psychic Abilities: Practice Exercises for Developing Claircognizance

5 Min

Claircognizant Exercises

Psychic Abilities: Practice Exercises for Developing Clairvoyance

5 min

Clairvoyance Practice Object : Choose any object and carefully study it. Close your eyes and visualize the object in your mind's eye. Rotate the object in your imagination, viewing it from different sides. You may select up to three objects to practice with.

Psychic Abilities: Practice Exercises for Developing Intuition

10 Min

Welcome! The goal of this training is to teach you about your psychic gifts or enhance them. Everyone has psychic abilities that can be developed through practice. Psychic skills form the foundation of all metaphysical disciplines, and embarking on this spiritual journey will be an ongoing process of growth and refinement. I will assist you in understanding how your abilities work so that you can nurture and expand them.

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